Friday, October 12, 2012


As the school year recently started i have been asked many times about how we do school…mostly from other homeschoolers, and i ask the same questions since i am always interested in what works for other families and what they have found to be sustainable for them..what they are really doing, not just what they think they SHOULD be doing .
I have come to really dislike the word “unschoolers” as it sounds reactive and negative, like we “don’t school” as opposed to what we DO. I have taken the term “free learners” as my own since my children are free to learn what they are curious about, but i will certainly give direction if need be…and that ends up happening a few times a day!


As i am a visual person, this blog will be a photo journal of my (our) daily life.


  1. I love "free learners"! That's a great new tag. I'm stealing. Lovely to see the pictures of your gorgeous family. - Fiona

  2. Thanks Fiona! And yes, it's a much more positive label :)